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I looked into that game and it seems to be very interesting. But since my Russian is much wose than my bad English I could not really play the game. So it would be very kind to release an english qsp of this game.

Edit: I would have tried to create a translated version, but the file has a password.

@2b8dd64c, as the game is part of Albedo contest 2017, I would advise you to wait till the game will have final contest release.

Or, hope, maestro @8aa0b145 can help with this.
Or, the author, @Wolfe.

I am the author of this game. But my English is very bad and I'm afraid I can not translate the game.
Opening a game file is dangerous, because I do not want the game to be changed by the modders.
But if there is a person willing to translate the game, then I can give him an open file.

"Viele Grüße vom Arsch der Welt"
I would not be able to translate by myself either. But the clever guys gave an instruction for a machine based translation.
under ttant translation tools. Sometimes it will give you an error, for example when you have in the original file a location "start" and one called "старт". If the translation is done you will have 2 location "start" and a little problem. But the most times it works fine.

@2b8dd64c, the problem is to find enthusiasts who will do this smile

My game have some massive arqs[0]='русское название'
This is can be little trouble

@f2b25847, Переведи человеку, толмачь немчий. Там есть массивы аргументов где использованы русские названия. Понятия не имею как гугл транслятор на это будет реагировать. Но вся боевка борьбы в масле на этой основе подвешенна.

"Viele Grüße vom Arsch der Welt"
If you send me an open qsp I would try to translate it. If it works I would send the translated qsp back to you, so you can protect it with your password and give it to the interested community. When i'm to stupid to get a working translation i'll delete the unprotected qsp.

@Wolfe, по идее у них софтина оборачивает все переменные в дополнительные кавычки и не пускает в перевод, так что должно работать

Ugly times ugly


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