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Using GIT with QSP
On response for this, but I post it here for language. Someone please make translation, or something if needed. smile

Just look at here. You need python to use those. If you don't like python, it still shows how it can be done on programming language of your choice.

Splits every location on to own text file.
Merges all text files back to txt2gam-file for testing.

Splitted locations are much easier to handle when there are conflicts.

I could ask for script that makes automated build every time when Master-branch is updated.

@e5a3b392, Hi mate!
I dont know what i should say. Really.
I'm glad that you post this right now. Because we need it ,and it could help with Git and game for the future.
can you make the application for it (i mean exe file) to use it without anything else. It would be awesome, but anyhow - my thanks to you. I will use it today.

Well. I tried, and failed.
Copied all your repository on my harddrive.
Export main file of a game into glife.txt (txt2game format).
And then i ran txtsplit.py with params
like this
txtsplit.py 'D:\eto125_r2\glife.txt' 'D:\eto125_r2\locations\'
And i tried with /, and with just 'txtsplit.py glife.txt locations' string - i can't handle with it.
Can you help me?
Or you can join with us to help us with git and with building new versions of a game.
Maybe it is a good start for trying to merge both version of game into something bigger and better. Idk.
But now i have some problem with split operation.
Put files in https://github.com/Drimmker/EtoG . All 3 files there (glife named)

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