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Fix mod based on Destiny 0.5b
Original game: https://albedo.pw/thread-381.html

imod 13.1 by illume, 2017/4/18

password: destiny

'Recommended mod install sequence:
1. Original 0.5b from Prince http://qps.ru/Bjpsl
2. my fix mod
3. (Optional) Sander`s image pack https://albedo.pw/thread-2583-post-199426.html#pid199426

'Version Fix 9 by illume, 2017/2/10
Note: remember to copy image files too.
1. new journal entry and minor correct
2. phrQW fix
Battle system:
3. fix bow in battle
4. add draw-case and picture in battle. Determine with random endurence and steam
5. add main picture
6. fix hunt, correct bear assult chance
7. add sunbath as quest, and expend pictures
8. add ero book to inventory
9. add pocket money from Maedom Fuso in Chapter 3, once per week, 1000 + work
'Version Fix 10 by illume, 2017/2/11
1. quick bug fix
enemy magic duplicate
campfire in refuge camp
steal in chapter 2
2. fix and add picture for Jane in chapter 2 tavern
3. fix location after defeat bear
4. fix journal bug
5. fix critial bug in chapter 2
'Version Fix 11 by illume, 2017/2/14
1. fix chapter3 park, brothel mirror
2. translate to Russian, thanks to <B>Квентинито</B>
1. fix blagtrQW, mayor work in chapter 3
'Version Fix 12 by illume, 2017/2/22
1. more translation to Russian. It`s almost done.
2. minor fix for Clark dialog
3. fix Chapter3, library, Berta quest (Russian only bug)
4. fix Chapter3, slums house, castle lock thief
5. add picture for Inquisitor train, and +1 endurance after complete
1. fix crital bug for Chapter3, Lara path
2. remove some countdown variable
3. add game hint in final page
1. fix refuge camp bathroom (Russian only bug)
'Version Fix 13 by illume, 2017/4/17
1. Full tralslation to Russian! Thanks to <B>Stolkgelm</B>
2. Game hint in END page. There are 14 Ending at all
3. Add army event (from unused barrack life) in Chapter3, standalone branch (pushup punishment if go train with makeup or drunk)
4. bug fix in jobarmy quest
1. fix remove dress bug

Older version history:
Свёрнутый текст:
'Version Fix 8 by illume, 2017/2/9

password: destiny

Note: remember to copy image files too.
1. new journal entry and minor correct
2. New events from Anarch(rubedogames.blogspot.ru) & Evanelina, including
All new events are in Chapter 1
(1) Optional corrupt route in prologue
(2) topless waitress, dance on table, dance naked on table, and related events
(3) prostitute to orc or southern army. Talk to Angelina first
(4) battle lose rape for Goblin and Bear

3. add battle lose sex or events for all battle in game. some from Rubedo, my write have only simple words
4. expand orc-related events in chapter2, new alternative with to Chapter1`s new orcQW
5. Add and adjust Endings. Now total 14
6. fix sleep bug in chapter3, slums house bed
7. change armor and weapon display to picture - text table
8. add energy limit for works. waitress, bakery, flowershop, closet, dancer, prostitute, pick flower in chapter1,2
9. expand alchemy, add recipe note and essense item. success once or read from forest house, library (book expanded)
10.re-tweak durty and charm, as normal attrib, 0~15
11.add lots of random picture in game, In each events case or add random for repeated like walk, jog, work, battle, hide, etc.
12.modify beautiful, related to tits
13.add face description on mirror
14.many minor script fix and adjust
'Version Fix 7 by illume, 2017/1/18

Note: From this version, we have a image addon pack for fixmod.
1. new journal entry and minor correct
2. import events from unfinished barrack to chapter2, refuge camp (noise, toilet, drugsqw, basement)
3. modify Clark fix home
4. fix money / gold variable
5. combine some act and description into link for ease of use
6. fix magic system, tweak
7. Optional Connect to <a href="rubedogames.blogspot.com">http://rubedogames.blogspot.com</a> game (external link), between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
8. Thanks <B>Anarch</B> from albedo.pw & Rubedo game to translate into Russian.

Install sequence:
1. Original 0.5b from Prince  http://qps.ru/Bjpsl
2. my fix mod 7  https://yadi.sk/d/V8--CQT439g9Co
3. Sander's image pack  https://albedo.pw/thread-2583-post-199426.html#pid199426

'Version Fix 6 by illume, 2016/12/23

1. More bug fix and fix quest journal (critial bug in ball, balcony)
2. Rewrite weapon / dress wear system
3. magic modify:
change magic damage base to instinct-based
remove unused blood magic word
add spell hint in game. Do a successfully cast or read from basic: Chapter3, libary. Bloody: Chapter 2, Lara`s house, book)
** Always Use the newest version, it already contain current Russian translation

new quest list (compare to 0.5b) in https://albedo.pw/thread-2501-post-197219.html#pid197219 (english)

1. Almost all bug and glitch are fixed, This game should work smoothly now.

2. There are total 90 quest in game, And I write about half of quest journal ... Who would know there are so many.

Thank @188fb8f5 to translated first part:

Я добавил субтитры для Главы 3
ветка(A): Отыграйте ветку Лары в главе 2, или проиграйте демону во сне, но при этом нужно иметь татушку Офира с главы 1
dem = 1:
Если Джейн / Келин (рыжая ведьма) присоединились
~ Большая семья Ведьмы ~
~ Во славу Офира ~
~ Демоновед и ученики ~ (Demonologist)
~ Ведьма и демонология ~

ветка(B): проиграть демону во сне, и не иметь татушку Офира
jane = 1:
~ Сосуд демоницы  ~

ветка©: ничего из выше перечисленного (сделайте EvilQW, окажите сопротивление демонице и выбирите ведьму, проснитесь в госпитале)
~ Новая жизнь в столице ~

I. общие квесты

1. # grafresurrectQW, 'Старый знакомый'
(речь видимо идет об эльфе, не стал переводить)
If you save the first men in Chapter1, forest cave, he will gift you while you enter palace area.

if you go to ball, talk to him to know where he lives. --> Only available in Path A or B. You can not get into ball during path B.

He will tell you some background story. (Hmm, this game is actually a Science fiction but not Fantasy!)

2. # faithfulnessQW, 'верность'
Вы должны иметь новое сохрание с моей версией чтобы сыграть в это.
Стартовая точка: Глава 3, бордель, плачущая девочка
идите в ресторан после 22, шанс 10%

Данный квест имеет множество веток
1) украдите
2) найдите вампира в гробнице
3) попросите помощи у NPC в зависимости на чьей стороне вы, dem: Jane, Kelin,  jane: Jane

В ветке за демоницу:
Если вы попросите Kelin, Mr.bet появится на балу
Если вы попросите Jane , это запустит след. 2 квеста

3. # jobarmy, 'Небольшое приключение'
(1) remove ban from pathB, здесь различный текст в квесте.
(2) Заключительная стадия работает как надо теперь.
Через неделю оборотень даст вам объект, навестите его снова, сработает событие с камнем телепорта.
Если вы на ветке©, запустится # standaloneQW, так что вы сможете продолжить # TruthQW

--- this is new from fix 5
4. these 2 quest from the two Ambassador in palace

You must smart enough (pinstinct >= 7) to start.

# oldenemyeastQW, 'Emperor and Island'
from Empire Ambassador (look like druid), this has wrong variable name, but playable in original game

# oldenemyQW, 'Island and Emperor'
from Island Ambassador.

He will as you to sobtage the Empire Ambassador.
Wait in palce til night (need high sneak skill + good luck)
If you know fire word (igni), you can burn it and got extra $500 bouns, or only $300

Due to texts (you are spotted by Ambassador during sabotage), I banned you from meeting Empire Ambassador after this quest. Please remember to finish his quest first.

II. PathA, dem

1. # SheepQW, 'Человек, медведь и овца'
ask Jane for help in # faithfulnessQW
SheepQw is single-line

2. # AlisaQW, 'Алиса в стране Чудес'
after # SheepQW
differ from how you solve Alisa`s "horny". man or toy?
some event will differ from ball, and talk to alisa.

3. # myeducationQW, 'Университет'
only available in pathA.
In Romance with Jane will give you more contents.
go eat in school, talk to rebels in front door, talk to Kyle to learn dance # countdanceQW

4. # countdanceQW, 'Dance like a noble'
only available in pathA.
Learn dance, but no further events in game. (maybe use on ball?)

5. # janemyloveQW, 'Джейн и <<$name>>, счастливы вместе'
only available in pathA, Jane joined
trigger point: let jane in while shower in start of chapter 3, then kiss her.
continue: go park on afternoon, choose wisely. you need total 9 walk for final stage

6. # janedressQW, 'Новое балльное платье для Джейн'
# portQW, # newportQW, 'Работа Тейлора'
only available in pathA, Jane joined
trigger point: know the ball (talk to lara), then talk to Jane.
be in love with jane to unlock more contents.

7. # finalrushQW, 'День после всего'
only available in pathA
automatic trigger after ball, 3 days (or go University after 1 days)
This will work properly now, End of pathC


II. pathB, Jane

1. # blagtrQW, 'Чужая воля'
only available in pathB
blagtrQW now are more detailed.
** we need many picture for blagtrQW office work.

2. # demonarmyQW, 'Army of Darnkess'

list of demonarmy:
(1) mercenaries in tavern*2
(2) vampire or Mr. Bet (from # faithfulnessQW)
(3) trogs from # IdaQW (you must let Ida raped to got this)
Edit: After fix5, every sex in chapter 3 will recurit the demonarmy +1. start at 6, max at 34.
You need 15 to start a riot, and 30 for final battle fail rescue.

III. pathC, slums
1. # truthQW, 'Вне Истины'
only available in pathC
This will work correctly now.
Trigger point: Meet Bella 3 times in city, she will told you where her house is.
After # jobarmy, Inquisition will open, join it to continue

2. # needkillingQW, 'Красота требует жертв'
only available in pathC, after # darkpastQW, unless you cheat item[9]
The only way to adjust your appeal in game. expand lots of items (need translation)
a continue to # darkpastQW, you can use the ritual dagger as the Vampire to make your self beauty.
* it check item[9] to trigger in every mirror in chapter 3. (in case someone waht to cheat)

... And new quest journal for every quest in game, I am lazy to list them all.
About 50 quest journal, each have 2~6 item need to translate into Russian.

for # corruptarmorQW ('У нее они тоже разговаривают!'):
This is complex, you shall
1. # medvedQW, 'Ограбление века'
   You will got a ancient armor 'Латные доспехи богов'

2. # grafresurrectQW, 'Старый знакомый'
   In Chapter 1, help the skeleton in forst cave
Go palace area in Chapter 3, some guard will give you a gift from "old friend"
Meet the first people again in the ball

   Bring this armor to the first people, he will told you there is a hologram (ghost) in palace that have power source
go palace garden at night, ask where power source is
buy a ticket from palace manager first
go libray and get the battery

3. # corruptarmorQW, 'У нее они тоже разговаривают!'
   do this to 2nd stage, Smith told Beth this armor can`t improved
give battery to Beth, recharge his one.
Now you got a fail-rescue in final battle.

Or you can choose to use the battery on your own suit. But there are only 1 battery in game, and there are alternative method for your own suit.

And for your own suit:
4. # myarmorQW, 'Они разговаривают!'
   talk to the researcher in palace, throne room
bring your own suit to him
go meet him in slum
wait a random event (rain), go to the researcher to recharge your own suit.
   'Латные доспехи первых людей(разговаривающие)'
   the recharged suit will offer 100 defence and 0/30/60/20 status.

Old post log
Свёрнутый текст:
Please help to translate and transfer this post to here: https://albedo.pw/thread-381.html?highlight=destiny

Destiny by Version 0.5b + Fix i by illume,
2016/12/14 https://yadi.sk/d/uvSlkmZY33WGYk
2016/12/16 https://yadi.sk/d/5FmxqSTa33jcEb

Note: I know no Russian, new messages added are all in English. You can search !illume:translation to translate it. (and please send me a copy of that.)

Major update:

1. fix lots of wrong logic and variable name, now almost all contents are available,
  now there are Ending for 3 major branch (according to start point in Chapter 3: slums - welcome , Jane - riot, Lara/Ofir - siege)
2. a new Journel system, you can switch from old click-style in status bar or unfold it to main window.
3. Add Quest log for lots of quests (In English)
4. Android mode (you must manually refresh status bar, to prevent icon flashing)
5. Event installed: Chapter 3, Magic Academy (only available in ufirtatto path (Lara)). I tried current frame, and use current pictures.

6. Available but not installed (need lots of Russian text support)
* Ending as inquisitors  (missing the last stage). see [проходная]
* Ending as royal guards, and soldier academy (It has frame, a smokeing event. far from finished). see [воен_двор],[воен_парк],[воен_лазарет],[казарма],[учеб_корпус]
* baiditQW (no events in game)

ps. Is there a good logo for this game? maybe the "woman with raven" on blog?

Fix 5:
'Version Fix 5 by illume, 2016/12/22

This should be the final, unless more bug found or someone do the russian translation.

1. More bug fix and add quest journal
2. edit Jane path in chapter 3, add more demonarmy recruit during sex (total 28 point + initial 6 = 34. Got 30+ for final battle rescue).
3. append brothel living function in chapter 3